Questions you should ask EVERY potential wedding DJ!

After being asked to help many people know what to consider when hiring a wedding DJ in an effort to not get scammed… I have decided to compile a list of extremely important questions to consider when deciding on what most would say is the most important consideration when planning your wedding and reception.  They are designed to give you some perspective when making a smart hire to handle your music and M.C.-ing for the great party of your lives.


1. Does your company use a written contract?

All of the potential wedding DJ’s that you decide to interview will certainly NOT have the same standards of professionalism. The first and best indicator that your DJ is a professional is whether or not they utilize a legal, binding agreement for the protection of them and for you! A written, legal contract establishes guidelines for setup, teardown, exact terms and expectations so that nothing is left to interpretation.  This makes a written contract essential and any DJ company that does NOT utilize a written contract as a normal business standard should definitely not be considered for a wedding reception.  You’ll thank me later!

2. Will you be the DJ at our wedding?

Depending on how you found this potential DJ, often times the company you hire has DJ’s that they assign to your reception.  This is really common from the internet, especially where DJ “services” will take your request or contact information and “dole” it out to individuals who pay them a referral fee for the lead. They may also not allow you a “welcome” meeting in advance to meet, allow questions, plan playlists and itineraries, etc. It is critical that you get the opportunity to interview, in person, the actual DJ that will be working with you to determine if you feel comfortable hiring them. You should also expect that the individual DJ’s name are specified on your contract (hence the importance of contracts) – it is the only guarantee you have that what you see IS what you get.


3. Can we meet you in person BEFORE we sign a contract?

Do not allow your potential DJ to conduct all pre-festivity meetings over phone or email.  DJ’s will do this to cut costs on gas and time before they have a signed contract from you. It is simply unprofessional and bad business. It is not complex to understand that people are completely different in person than they are on the phone.   You must give yourself the chance to evaluate the IN PERSON skills and personality of your potential wedding DJ.  We insist on a pre-hire meeting as part of the selection process and any DJ worth their salt will not balk at this.

4. How long will you hold our date?

If the potential DJ that you are interviewing is a professional, they will be more than happy to hold your date for you for a reasonable amount of time to allow you to schedule an in-person meeting and also to interview other DJ’s and make an educated decision.  If they are using closing techniques on you to get you to sign immediately, they are not professionals. “I have a 20% off deal going right now, but it ends today…”, etc.  

By DJ Antonius


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